I create logical

turnkey websites for business development in digital

I bring projects to results and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Separately, I am developing a mobile version of the site and working with texts

fresh projects

development process from the benchmark to the final web page
I control the entire
My work is mainly focused on website design and design on the internet.

I think that we need to work on the project in partnership with the client. Only then a quality product is obtained.
Hello , I'm
web designer

about me

ui/ux design
web design
creating presentations
smm design

advantages of working with me

control the whole process
I keep under control all stages of project development. Then the result is obtained as high as possible, based on the introductory conditions.
don't disappear, but
stay in touch
Even in difficult situations, it is always better to find a compromise solution than to go underground.
answer questions
No stupid questions. I try to explain the difficult moments as much as possible. I consult during working hours, and I answer as much as possible during the rest of the time.
I strive for the best result
Without a formal approach to work. I devote the maximum amount of time and effort to each project, regardless of the budget.
the most important part of my work
Service —
Landing Page
Online store
Design of social networks
Consulting and site audit
Express landing
Multi-page website

Main services


stages of work on the project. The process may be slightly different for different types of sites
A brief description of the
Getting to know each other, filling out a brief and clarifying all the nuances of the project. We approve the terms and cost. I conduct an analysis of competitors and successful solutions in the market. They make the results into a presentation.
stage 1
Concept and design-page layouts
I create a design concept for several screens of the site. After approval, I design layouts for all pages of the site based on the prototype/wireframe and concept.
stage 3
I am working on a prototype of the future site, which schematically shows its functionality and structure. I build logic and accents in the narrative.
stage 2
Final layout and launch
Layout on a Tilde using zero block. Next, set up animation, connect forms and basic SEO. After the final error check, administration instructions and launch.
stage 4


When ordering a website — the design of one social network
as a gift!
instagram (3 stories or post)
youtube (preview or header)
facebook (post or header)
vkontakte (post or header)
telegram (avatar)


most often asked before starting work
Other questions that I am
The idea of the project?
I will answer all questions, calculate the cost of the project and the timing of implementation
For communication
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