modern confectionery

Logo and style for
for a pastry shop where modern cakes and desserts are prepared
I developed a logo and selected a corporate palette of colors for packaging design and social networks of the project. I have thought through the design of the menu, price list and the design of stories.
where they bake beautiful and modern cakes and delicious cakes
Place of Cakes – a sweet shop
Task: to come up with a confectionery logo that would be different from the majority on Instagram, would be geometric and in bolder colors
Main logo
When creating the logo, I wanted to keep a simple metaphor reference to cakes. At the same time, make it convenient for social networks and packaging, separately think over a minimalistic sign.
First steps
For the first stage, I offered several ideas at once to determine the direction in which to develop a full-fledged style in the future
Palette selection
Initially, they began to consider a more classic combination of colors for the sphere of sweets. Subsequently, it was decided to move away from the beaten pink and blue in favor of bright blue and yellow!
It was important to highlight the profile against the background of similar Instagram accounts, for this purpose, the shades of colors and the gradient were selected separately
The logo and corporate colors have been adapted for use in the real world and on live media — business cards, packages, posters, booklets, documents and envelopes
Profile design and price list in Instagram
The most important thing was to make a clear price list for the profile, so that there would be no confusion with prices and names of positions.

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